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Photoshop FTW *\o/*
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Graphics by Ilaria :D ;D
This is where I, youbetterwiseup (hallo!), post my graphics not related to the tv show Queer as Folk. That means anything from movies, to anime, to stock, to different tv shows (there will be a preponderance of movie-related graphics, though, I believe). I share a graphic community with my friend nanoa, which is mostly dedicated to QAF, and it's called danger_graphics. If you're interested in seeing my qaf stuff, you can head over there (it's a locked community, be warned).
Here you'll mostly find icons, as I struggle a bit with bigger graphics (for now), but every once in a while you'll see the occasional banner/wallpaper/anything bigger than an icon, hopefully ;)

And that's it ^__^

I hope to have a better-looking info page and layout sooner or later! Me = lazy ass much :|

You can find my reasources HERE.